Exhibitors / Visitors who require an invitation letter for the visa processing can complete this form. With these details Home Textiles Premium by Textilhogar 2018 make a document that you can print and show to the Embassy of Spain in your country with the rest of documentation nedded.

The exhibition will take place from the 12 to the 12 of September in The Caja Mágica, Madrid, Spain.

We remind you that you should start the visa application process at least 2 months before the celebration of the event.

For any specific questions regarding the management of visa see the Spanish Embassy web page:  web: www.mae.es. If you want more information contact:

Mª José Sanfélix :

Phone: +34 96 386 14 43 Fax: +34 96 386 11 55

e-mail: mjsanfelix@feriavalencia.com 

Thaks for exposing / visiting Home Textiles Premium by Textilhogar 2016.

    Tell us the SPANISH EMBASSY IN YOUR COUNTRY where you are going to apply visa/
    Indíquenos la EMBAJADA DE ESPAÑA SU PAIS donde va a tramitar el visado:

    Exhibitor/ ExpositorVisitor / Visitante

    Full name / Nombre y apellidos:

    Title / Cargo:

    Date of Birth / Fecha Nacimiento:

    Passport Number / Número Pasaporte:

    Date of expiry / Fecha caducidad pasaporte:

    Date of issue / Fecha expedición del pasaporte:

    Nationality / Nacionalidad:

    Company name / Nombre de la Empresa :

    Company Address / Dirección de la empresa:

    ZIP / Postal Code:

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    State/Province / Provincia:

    Country / País: