New ALHAMBRA proposal

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MANHATTAN, TOSCANA & HAIKU. They combine the tradition and innovative impulse of a new generation. These fabrics seek to last and maintain the quality that has been identified over 40 years, together with a bold design that hides the most advanced technology.

  • MANHATTAN. Vertical strokes of the New York grid. Contrasts in B&W emphasizing the forms, lines reaching up in the air, perspective, volumes. Decó elements appear as part of the urban DNA of this collection.
  • HAIKU. An ode to the beauty of mother nature.  HAIKU is a collection full of character where natural fibers, textures and finishings flow beautifully to convey the harmony and serenity typical of the Japanese style.
  • TOSCANA. We are seduced by the colors of the earth, by the shady grooves under the sky at sunset, shades of pink and deep blue, olive green and sandstone on the facades. Rough textures like endless hills, embroidered sunflowers dancing under the cypresses of Tuscany.