Leiper, a leader brand in home textiles

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Specializing in home textile products, the company produces and markets a large range of products, including: quilts, bedspreads, Mattresses, duvet cover, Nordic covers, boutis, bed liners, curtains, pillows, cushion cover, towels, bed protectors and whole range of textile solutions and accessories for home.

The company produces two collections a year sold under the brand Leiper (spring / summer and fall / winter) developing its own catalog which is distributed in wholesalers, retail stores and internet.

All the products can be customized in terms of color, pattern, embroidery, fabric composition, once we have an integrated production system, which allows high flexibility and response capability to clients / partner’s needs.

Aware of the different motivations and behaviors of consumers, we produce and distribute in different market segments (wholesellers, retail stores and production for prestige labels).

Leiper aims to position itself as a first choice partner of private home textiles labels, which require high quality products and aim to create network with suppliers / partners strongly committed to meet the most demanding requests (deadlines, quality, innovation in materials and design solutions).