LA TAPICERA. Original author’s fabrics

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La Tapicera is one of the youngest textile editors on the national scene, launching its first collection in 2015.

After analyzing the market, it was concluded that a new brand of fabrics had to be created with original designs and very different from what was available at that time.

The new possibilities created by using printing digital and being located in one of the centers of the vanguard of the national design accelerate the process of La Tapicera as textile editor.

The result can be seen in the fabric of La Tapicera, exclusive works of illustrators, designers and different artists of very diverse disciplines, styles and techniques; they are all unique and creative trends in the market today.

Designs colourful, sometimes risky, but never indifferent in fabrics and accessories, is the offering that you will find if you are seeking a unique and different product

LA TAPICERA is also a company responsible wiht the environment. His philosophy and way of work in all aspects,both in the creation and production of its fabrics, also in commercial and human relations, working with organic cotton and worried about a sustainable process.


La Tapicera makes difference