KA INTERNATIONAL travels to the Amazon with its new collection

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KA International launches Amazonia Collection, a staging of that wilderness power of nature full of new fabrics and home goods.

On this occasion, the new collection of fabrics, with vegetal and animal prints recreates the beauty of the biosphere in lots of colour. It is accompanied by the first collections of wallpaper and ready-made products (curtains, cushions, plaids, covers and blankets) of KA International. A new collection that picks up some of their best designs and introduces new drawings, emphasizing them on wallpaper and in ready-to-decorate products.

Design and innovation are brought together to welcome new fabric qualities. Easy-to-clean velvet, upholstered fabrics, fabrics suitable for outdoor, waterproof fabrics or fire-retardant fabrics are just some of the new KA International collection.

More information: www.ka-international.com