Flame retardant and acoustic fabrics for interior decoration by Textil Batavia

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Since 1755, as mercers artisans located in the historic center in the city of Valencia, we have been spinning, weaving, dyeing, finishing, marketing and distributed many different qualities of fabrics. 9 generations have passed. Always focusing on the needs of the customers, in the development of textile technology and in new trends.

Nowadays Textil Batavia, without giving up in other traditional sectors, has specialized in technical textiles, and more specifically in flame retardant fabrics.

In view of the new applications received in the previous edition of Home Textiles Premium, it has chosen to synthesize, among more than 5000 references, the best of in a new proposal.

Introducing “Basic Contract” a supply of fire retardant and acoustic fabrics, made nationally and environmentally friendly. A selection of fabrics with a delicate selection of colors to meet all the needs of the most competitive contract channel, from the curtains to the darkening, going through the velvet upholstery.

As distributors of the German company PONGS present the Universal acoustic textile AKUTEX®.

AKUTEX®, is a permanently flame retardant, is a hard-wearing 100% polyester yarn fabric, with outstanding acoustic properties.

This textile, is manufactured using a special weaving process, which gives it a uniform appearance from any angle. Ideal fabric for upholstering, ceiling panels or curtains. product boosting the functional value of all textile interiors, in residential, property and event areas. Applications which exploit the functional properties to best effect as well as the visual advantages of the textile.

You can make it stand out even more by digitally printing in high resolution up to a width of 308 cm and with unlimited length.