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Aznar Textil’s social commitement is to strive for sutainability by taking actions that make a more rational and balanced use of earth’s resources. That’s reason behind our new collection: Eco Green.

Among olives and sunsets, Aznar Textil was inspired to create its Eco Green fabrics, whose value is: social commitment and environmental sustainability.

The 3R’s philosophy applicated to textil decoration, concepts which represent the circular economy concept and sustain our Eco Green products.

This fabrics are made with recycled certificated “Global Recycled Standard” threads. Our sustainable production process reduces the harmful impact to the environment,the amount of crop needed and the waste geeration. This helps reducing the amount of wáter, energy and pesticides needed.

In Aznar Textil we are commited to the preservation of the environment and we believe in the future of recycled fabrics. This is why we invest in circular economy products which help to build a better and more sustainable Word for you, your people and for us.